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Jims Solar Power

Man and nature has a wonderful relationship. Nature has given us an uncountable number of resources. The sun and the moon are outstanding and prominent among them. The whole world is blessed with enough sun rays. The world which we live is a wonderful creation. Do you know the power of these beams of sun rays? They can be converted in to power. That power is powerful as electricity generated by hydro power and coal. If we give a brief definition for the solar power, it can be defined as a conversion of sun light in to electricity. Sun provides the earth with two major forms of energy as heat and light. An equipment called a panel is used to gather sun rays and generate electricity. There are specialized professionals and organization for the special task. This discovery has been a turning point in the world history. A natural phenomenon has been used for a vast revolution in the economy.

Nature rewards us immensely. Proving the great proverb make hay while sunshine our people were clever enough to get the maximum advantage of natural resources. Who can believe the one and only sun in the universe can do such wonders. Thanks to the development of the modern technology this convention of solar power in to electricity took place. With the invention of this great power the society had a vast impact. The benefit and the advantages of this invention are priceless.

It is an open secret that the modern world is running out of fuel. Specially, the Middle East countries which are endowed with oil resource have released warnings to the world that the fuel resource is limited and decreasing at an alarming rate. They want to use them sparingly. So if we do not invent another power supply that means if we do not pay our attention on another substitute to generate energy the whole world will be in dark. In that case solar power is a disguised fortune. The only thing is we have to take the maximum use of it.

At present, the first and foremost method of generating electricity Is, using water. It depends on the water levels of the reservoirs. We are not lucky enough to get an equal amount of rain to the catchment areas every day. There are some seasons we do not get an adequate rain fall. During those seasons, generating hydro electricity is an acute problem. Electricity consumers have to undergo many difficulties like power failures. Then the normal life style is disturbed. Although we have other equipment like electric torches, they also should be charged. Hence solar power is a great solution for this.

Producing power energy using coal has also various kinds of drawback. That method is also not that much suitable for generating power. It causes much environmental hazards. As a more suitable method several organizations in the whole universe had taken the dangerous situation in to consideration and started generating heat and light using solar power. When we talk about this new system it is a complicated process. There are panels to gather the sun rays. Inside the panel there are thousands of tiny devises. They are powerful enough to do this great conversion. Solar furnaces use a large array of mirrors to concentrate the energy in a small space to produce very high temperature. This is a marvelous process. Ultimately these panels are fixed on the places where sunlight can be collected easily like roof tops. This solar power is very much similar to other energy out puts. Solar technologies started in year 1860 with the expectation that coal would soon become scare. When we look at the solar power applications, they cover with the magic power of supplying electricity. Solar power covers a vast field. Solar cells were originally developed in order to provide electricity for satellite. Power can be generated to run a 100w light bulb from just one square meter of solar panel. Both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting can be done successfully with the magic power of solar power. Sometimes you may feel that the solar power is not as much as powerful as hydro power, thermal power or coal power. But once you use it only you can experience the similarity .So far we didn’t take into consideration that the most valuable advantage of using this solar power. As all of us know the cost of living is escalating day by day. The daily expenses are sky rocketed. Using solar power gives you a perfect salutation for this burning issue. It does not cost much because it does not need much investment. It can be started with a less capital. We can suggest that solar power is an ideal solution for the todays unbearable cost of living. Solar outdoor lighting plays a vital role in the field of electricity using solar power. This can be used effectively in garden lamps, lamp posts etc.

Using solar powered vehicles is very popular today. At present there is a high demand for these vehicles throughout the world. They are much more economical than other vehicles which run on petrol and diesel. This can be introduced as one of the most useful applications of solar power. Not only the vehicles run on land but also there are solar powered boats .According to the fishermen, this mode of solar power is a great help for their daily unbearable expenses. Solar power Rickshaws are a common sight especially in India and Bangladesh. The cost of fuel can be cut down easily by using these solar powered Rickshaws. Normally Rickshaws are mostly used by the low income groups and for short destinations. Hence the cost for traveling can be reduced to a satisfactory level. Solar power can be used in ventilation systems successfully, such as in Air conditioned systems etc. You can see this system in big hospitals, hotels, companies, Educational institutions and various other places. Nowadays in houses also they enjoy this system.

In remote security systems and surveillance also solar power is used successfully. In modern and sophisticated vehicles, this method is used commonly.

Modern Solar power usage

In power pumps also you can see this modern solar power usage. As all of us know there’s a vast fuel crisis in the world today. One day in future, this will become an adverse issue. No one can get rid of it. In such a situation the advance benefit of this solar power is incomparable. At present the developed countries experience this unique natural resource more than the other developing countries. They started these solar power projects a long time ago. They got the sense of evaporating the currently exist fuels on the earth. From that time on wards they dreamt of substitute power sources. They understood the importance of using a natural phenomenon for this acute problem. As a result of that ‘they could discover this unique, marvelous and priceless gift of nature as an alternative solution. They tried to give this novel idea to the other countries and it was successful. Gradually almost all the countries started to enjoy this immeasurable benefit in houses as well as in other places. When we look at the special advantages of using this solar power, it does not cause any pollution. This is so vital because, as all of us know, the environmental pollution is one of the major health hazards in the world. We experience numerous natural disasters. There’s no doubt that it is a bad impact of this environmental pollution. In that case solar power is free from any kind of pollution. It is pure. It is clear that some remote areas do not have Hydro power electricity, Thermal power electricity or Coal power electricity still.

There also solar power can do wonders. Another advantage is, it is renewable. It is also very important.

Because of the high demand for these solar power systems, there new organization which promote these solar powered systems as a network marketing. It is done island wide successfully.

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